TADIA (pronounced ta - dee - uh) is an all-around eclectic, vibrant artist who loves to showcase her multidimensional facets as a singer, media maker/ personality, and entrepreneur. Singing has always been a passion of hers connecting with audiences of all sorts. The Juilliard-alum returned to doing music full-time after obtaining a bachelor's and a masters’ degree in journalism. Her original music is a fusion of soul, electronic, kompa, afro beats, and pop giving you a true world sound.

Born and raised in Brooklyn to Haitian immigrant parents, there’s a reason why her sound is so diverse and heavily influenced by the many cultures that surrounded her. Her musical roots date back to age 9 when she’d sing at weddings, church events, concerts in school, and later sang in a gospel band. She’s performed at Universal Studios, Blue Note, Sobs, Carnegie Hall, and has taken the interests of icons like Tony Bennett, Emeline Michel, and the late grammy-winning producer Teddy Vann.

Her advances in media brought her to spaces where she connected with music legends including super-producer, Grammy-winning Jerry Wonda, who has since been serving as her music mentor and partner. She is currently a media contributor to Bric and VP records digital series on the riddim. Tadia is actively in the studio working on a few singles she plans to put out this year. Each with their own flavor, showing a different side of her multi-talented persona.

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